2000 Top Selling Anime by Season

Legend: Average sales | Title (Current vol./Total vol.)

*1,862 Ojamajo Doremi#
*1,849 The Candidate for Goddess
*1,639 Boogiepop wa Warawanai ~Boogiepop Phantom~
*1,370 Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran

24,374 Love Hina
*9,620 Seikai no senki
*6,955 Getbackers
*5,553 Sakura Taisen
*2,963 NieA_7
*2,353 Ginsoukikou Ordian
*2,107 Ayashi no Ceres
**,963 Boys Be…

13,233 Hand Maid May
*2,606 Brigadoon

*8,614 Vandred
*3,083 Aregen Soma
*3,045 Kikaider The Animation
*2,256 Hajimme no Ippo
*2,095 Inu Yasha

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