2001 Top Selling Anime per Season

Legend: Average sales | Title (Current vol./Total vol.)

2,208 Tales of Eternia

*8,033 NOIR
*7,103 Hanaukyo Maid Team
*7,007 Sister Princess
*6,677 Angelic Layer
*6,255 You’re Under Arrest 2
*5,895 Galaxy Angel
*4,451 Comic Party
*3,233 Mahou Sensei Louie
*2,611 The SoulTaker

11,901 Fruits Basket
*6,593 s.CRY.ed
*4,369 Seikai no Senshi
*2,535 I My Me Strawberry Eggs
*1,508 Samurai Girl Real Bout High School

14,125 Mahromatic
*5,812 Vandred the second stage
*4,334 Hellsing
*4,326 Prince of Tennis
*3,804 Chiccha na Yuki Tsukai Sugar
*2,991 Cybork 009
*2,652 Najica
*2,228 Kokoro Toshokan
*2,011 Otoki Story Tenshi no Shippo
*1,637 Hikaru no Go
*1,063 X

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