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About this site

Anime sales archives from all TV anime (late night and kids) since year 2000. Compiled by year, by season and overall average sales.

Updates will be announced on new posts.

How to get average sales:

The sum of all BD/DVD copies divided by the number of volumes of the anime.

How to read chart:


(夏) 39,930 Sword Art Online  (1/9 )

(夏) = Season the anime aired.

39,930 = Average sales.

(1/9 ) = Current released volumes/ Total number of volumes.


39,930 01/09 Sword Art Online

39,930 = Average sales.

01/09 = Current released volumes/ Total number of volumes.

notes: Lack of released/total volumes on a title will mean the series has finished releasing all of its volumes and is completed.

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